Tanel Tang, the Owner of Saaremaa Mahemuna, an organic egg farm, shared the story of how he came up with idea to utilize Ignium’s infrastructure.

3 min readMar 24, 2022

Tanel Tang, the owner of an organic egg farm in Saaremaa, Estonia, has in comments to Õhtuleht, shared his story of how his company came up with the idea of selling digital chicken NFTs to its community by using the blockchain infrastructure of Ignium.

“I was almost ready to sell the whole entire business. Initially I had very few options for continuing the business. I researched from my lifelong home bank, SEB Estonia, whether they would be willing to provide a loan of 10,000 euros to my company with a turnover of 145,000 euros, and proved that the Rural Development Foundation would guarantee 80% of the loan. Unexpectedly, the bank’s response was, that they were not interested in cooperating with such a company and granting a loan. ” says Tanel

Nowadays, SMEs (Small and Medium enterprises) do not have access to capital. Their transactions are too small for the current capital market participants and institutional investors. Also, the growth trajectory might not be appealing enough for VCs (Venture Capitals). This in itself inhibits SMEs’ growth and furthermore restricts access to bank loans, as assessments made by banks will, according to their standards, rate their capital structure weak.

“Since I had no other solutions, I decided to ask Saaremaa Mahemuna Facebook followers if they had any good ideas. Many wanted to support the farm and transfer the money directly to my bank account. As I was not looking for charity, I didn’t want to simply take their money. However, I still did not have a very good solution to the problem. A few days later, I received a call from Ignium. After the first meeting with them, I realized that their solution was what I had been looking for all along.” says Tanel.

Saaremaa Mahemunad has a very active and engaged community with thousands of visitors on their Website, almost 1,000 followers on Instagram and more than 8,000 followers on Facebook. The community likes the brand, the farm and what they stand for and are ready to lean in and invest into Tanel’s company.

SMEs often have a community of customers, who share a view of the company’s future and who stand with them due to the products they like and a relationship they cherish. This makes them not only customers, but potential investors as well.

“Digital securities, or NFTs, can be created and issued through Ignium. Through this, the platform provides an opportunity to involve farm supporters, who will also benefit from the success of the business. This is how the idea of egg laying digital chickens was born, but instead of eggs, they would lay real money. The idea seemed brilliant! It gives me a chance to make a stronger connection with the same nice people who care about what I do. I believe that Ignium’s system will help many small businesses that are doing the right thing. Large corporations are doing well on their own, but they are generally unable to be as personal as smaller companies can be. Again, small businesses are very community oriented, with a focus on innovation and environmental sustainability. There are a lot of people who care about such things. I myself am a very good example of this, by the example of my own activities and followers. So if this project succeeds, life around the world has yet again more potential to be better.” hopes Tanel.

Each Ignium customer has their own unique story of how they came to the realization that realistic investment opportunities are closer and much more accessible than they could have imagined. But what unites them, is the understanding that a community of customers who enjoys their brand and believes in them, can be a great pillar of support.

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