Aufort x Ignium|The 2nd financing round of Aufort has ended

2 min readNov 3, 2021

The 2nd financing round of Aufort has successfully ended

Aufort is an Estonian company with almost 8 years’ experience in selling investment gold and silver in Estonia. With the goal of expanding globally, Aufort is developing the most transparent and easy-to-use platform, which allows gold to be used in several different ways. Aufort’s vision is to become the next generation gold bank.

In November 2020, Aufort managed to close its first seed round through private crowdfunding round, in which 61 investors invested €200,000 in the company. With this money injection, the Aufort team manage to finalize the platform and unique digital gold (AufortGold) product solution development, which was launched in June this year (2021). Since then, the customer base has grown by more than 60%, the average monthly turnover has increased about 300% and the average monthly transactions volume as increased around 400%.

📍Why is Aufort project so special?

In just 3 weeks raised more than 220,000 euros from over 100 members of its community. The money raised directly via their website and social media without any intermediaries.

How was that possible? Aufort simply plugged blockchain-securities infrastructure to their website and social media and with the click of the button the loyal clients became investomers.

Ignium took care of securities issuance, investors onboarding and compliance requirements, keps investors register and arranged real time securities and payment settlement.

📍More details on the Aufort campaign: Click Here!

In the coming week we’re going to publish the detailed overview of the Aufort financing campaign on Ignium Blog:

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